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This website will be a resource for learning various dialects and accents for performance purposes. Whether you have a natural gift for dialects, or you find the process intimidating, having a systematic approach will help you to make more authentic dialect and accent choices.

Who Would Benefit From ActingAccents.com Courses?

  • Stage, Film & Television Actors
  • Language Enthusiasts
  • Voiceover Artists
  • Directors
  • Secondary Education Teachers
  • Dramaturgs
  • Dialect and Accent Coaches
  • Singers
  • ESL Speakers Seeking Accent Modification
  • Writers

Ultimately, this course will teach you to teach yourself any dialect or accent you desire.

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Why use ActingAccents.com?

Our Promise

This course will teach actors how to effectively utilize the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, for the study of dialects and accents. Professional dialect coaches overwhelmingly agree that actors with a solid IPA background are quicker studies and perform dialects and accents more authentically. While this course is targeted towards actors, there are many other vocations which can benefit from it.

The IPA Advantage

The first instructional video series will be “The Actor’s Guide to IPA and Accents”. In this course you will learn how to read and write in the IPA, how to use the IPA to chart out any dialect or accent you choose, and how to make consistent and compelling choices to enhance your performance. Each lesson will be accompanied by helpful exercises and resources to gauge your progress.

Complete Control

This approach will give you confidence, credibility, and complete control of your own creative process. You’ll find it’s the most efficient method for learning a dialect available to you as an actor. Plus, you will no longer have to rely on mere mimicry to get the job done.

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